What We Do

We are the FIRST AND ONLY Package Forwarding Service based on CRYPTOCURRENCY.
Cryptoshippers.com is the gateway for consumers to access the US market via parcel forwarding. We provide you with a physical US address where you order your purchase to, you pay us for shipping and a small handling fee, and we forward it to you overseas.

Why we transact in cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrencies are:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Private
  • have Low Fees
Disadvantages of conventional methods offered by other parcel forwarding sites:
  • Wire: expensive, slow
  • Paypal: shit restrictive, controlling and expensive
  • Credit Cards: transactions might seem free, but you pay with loss of your privacy, and they get you good with their conversion rates

The blockchain is catching on and bringing many advantages over time, more merchants are accepting cryptocurrency as payment, in a process not much different than Apple coaxing retailers to accept Apple Pay.

Are you an expat living abroad? Trying to follow American trends? Or trying to find items not available or overpriced in your country?
Our mission is to establish lasting partnerships with individuals as well as businesses.
Inquire for rates, or for help buying cryptocurrency!
Cryptoshippers.com is your solution for buying items from USA paying the intermediary in cryptocurrency.


  • Notification & Photos upon arrival of your package. If requested, as a courtesy we also inspect your item for peace of mind, and you decide whether you want it - or ask us for hassle free return. (US stores are typically known for flexible return policies) 👍
  • Package Consolidation & Repacking if you have multiple orders we can wait for all of them to arrive and combine your items, as well as remove unnecessary packaging to reduce volume for lowest shipping cost.
  • Merchandise Buying Assistance in case a merchant does not accept your non-US credit card, let us buy your items for you
  • Cryptocurrency Buying Assistance is our favorite part! No matter your level of understanding we can walk you through in simple steps how to buy and send your new currency. We will further advise you on which coin to purchase depending your needs: Litecoin has lower fees, etc.


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